France is one of the most desirable destinations on the globe today. The European capital, is well known for its rich history, Gothic streets, language of love and its capital city Paris is a world within itself. No self-proclaimed globe trotters could have Paris far off the top of their list of places to visit; so of course Paris was a must go-to.


Our Paris trip was decided upon one monotonous day in the university library. After several hours working on my final essay of the term, I (S) decided that a quick getaway was long overdue. (K) immediately agreed of course and the next week we were flying out! The journey from London took just under 2 hours on Air France, (not long at all). We stayed for three nights and four days in central-ish Paris and the city is simply stunning. It does not disappoint.

Amongst the million and one ways that Paris could be described, we decided that the best way to capture the essence of Paris is ‘soulful’. When one walks down the streets of Paris it is possible to feel the energy of the people who have traversed these streets past and present. The city has a strong Gothic beauty and the everyday Parisians exude an element of that also.



In terms of being hijabis in Paris, we did not notice any bad vibes towards us and in fact every time we asked locals for directions (we got lost alot!) they went out of their way to help us. Parisians were friendly and gave us inside knowledge of where to go and what to see.

Paris is everything it is said to be, and more!


Montmartre is a hilly region northern Paris and is renowned for being the art and cultural hub of Paris.
We took the Metro to Anvers and arrived in the petite village at midday.





We ate lunch at the cutest little bakery which was so characteristic of Paris … Montmartre is full of art!


The delightful smell of fresh French bread was  heaven! 

French bread is very different from the bread we are used to here in England and although we eat organic, it had that ‘je ne sais quoi’. It didn’t taste sweet, so we suspect it’s healthier, and with some French cheese, it became our favourite snack.

Nearest tube stop: Montmartre

Go here if you like: art, views of Paris, heritage, steep hill walking!

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