Number 1 London, Apsley House

 Apsley House is located at Number One London… what an address!  The stately house is the home of the Duke of Wellington who’s descendants still live in a section of the house to this day. I (S), am obsessed with English heritage and can spend hours watching docu-dramas of all the English and European eras. So to walk around a preserved house which hasn’t been changed since the 1890s was absolutely amazing! The house is situated at Hyde Park corner facing the Wellington Arch, so with some planning one can stroll or cycle through Hyde Park and end up here.


One can wonder around the art collections of the original duke of Wellington, and unsuspecting visitors may just find that the 8th Duke of Wellington is walking around the house with them. (Guides told us he sometimes tours the house). Apsley House offers audio tours, as well as knowledgeable stewards who roam the halls.

Nearest Tube station: Hyde Park Corner 

Go here if you like: art, history, English heritage

IMG_8845_Fotor           IMG_8846_Fotor



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