The Knightsbridge area of London is most characterised by Harrods, the luxury department store. By night the building is lit up, beautifully decorating Brompton Road which is central to the area . Along this road are a number of high-street stores  and chic restaurants and cafes . Harrods really is the crowning jewel of Knightsbridge and on stepping in, one can see why. The interior design is simply stunning, and we particularly love that there are different styles, such as the Egyptian Halls, and the Crystal Rooms. Harrods has everything that one could ask for, make-up, high-end fashion, food halls, restaurants, and much more  under one roof. Perfect for avoiding the unpredictable British weather!


Personal shopping services are available here, and if you are a regular make sure to pick up a Harrods reward card. If you are as forgetful as us, just keep your receipt and your shopping points can be added to your account. The Knightsbridge area is amongst the most expensive postcodes in the world and the display of wealth is always particularly evident in the summer time when rich boys bring their supercars to the city. Having said this, the area has a great atmosphere, and is not awfully ostentatious. Glamorous is always good in our books anyway.


Some of our favourite places to eat, and chill in this area are, Gran Caffe Londra, Chapati and Karak, and Layalina. There are a range of restaurants serving Middle Eastern cuisine such as Joury, Mamounia Lounge, and Al Arez. Prices vary so there is something to suit each budget. The presence of French cafes is also noticeable since the area used to be frequented by the European elite, particularly the French. Nowadays, Knightsbridge has a very overt Arab presence which has brought the likes of Chapati and Karak, and means that Harrods always has a great oud selection … win win!

If one continues down Brompton Road, Sloane Square, the famous top-end shopping area can be reached. Alternatively, for a cultural fix, head to Museum Row on Exhibition Road.

Nearest tube station: Knightsbridge station

Go here if you like: luxury shopping, fancy dining experiences, Arab/French food, shisha, museums

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