The Georgian Restaurant

 Afternoon tea is a British tradition and London is FULL of tea houses, cafes, and hotels offering this service. Taking tea has always been seen as quintessentially British, and there are now even tour buses in London that serve afternoon tea whilst you whizz around the city’s sights.

On one of our many London day-trips, we decided to indulge in  this British classic in the Georgian restaurant in Harrods. The restaurant is situated on the fourth floor of the Knightsbridge department store and the Georgian theme isn’t just relegated to the name.  The interior has a distinct Georgian, English feel with the high ceilings and plenty of light bouncing off the white walls. There is a live pianist that plays during the weekend, which enhances the calm ambiance. A strict dress code is in place, meaning fellow diners are as pleasant to look at as  the decor.


The Afternoon tea serving is designed to be for one person and as you can see below, consists of THE FRESHEST SCONES (so yum with clotted cream and jam), an assortments of cakes and pastries, as well as typically English sandwiches. We had just eaten at Mamounia Lounge in Knightsbridge also, so decided to get two servings, rather than four. We found this to be just perfect, having already eaten, but we can imagine that one serving can be shared between two people anyway.

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There are a selection of Harrods own fine teas that can be chosen to accompany your cake and sandwich selection. These are a variety of ‘English’ teas with different flavourings and strengths. Additionally, one can opt for High Tea, which is basically the Afternoon Tea with an additional dish for a charge of £8 or £13. One can choose dishes such as a lobster club sandwich, or a feat of smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, spinach and caviar in puff pastry. The cuisine here is mainly British, and the menu also offers mains, and a full-lunch selection. We particularly love the fact there are tea-inspired cocktails available, but they DO include alcohol. Be sure to ask for it to be removed if you do not drink.

Having been here a few times, we would definitely recommend it, but we are disappointed that the price has been increased from £27 to £39 with no apparent additional features of the Afternoon Tea. Nevertheless, this is an authentic English classic that you must try at least once, and although you can enjoy this elsewhere, the atmosphere here is pleasant, unique, and welcoming.


PRICE: £££

teatime_fotor (1)_Fotor    IMG_4995_Fotor

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