Our experience of the Novikov Asian Room restaurant was, in a word, perfect. This is high-end restaurant frequented by the rich and famous so we expected high and consistent service.

We got just that.

From the maitre D’ that greeted us and took our coats, to the waiters that pulled out our chairs, and kept our drinks topped up. The staff pay attention to detail so they made sure that we didn’t wait too long in-between courses, and had drinks throughout the stay. In our view, when you pay that little bit extra, the service must be excellent, which it was (Y).

Although the restaurant is situated in the expensive Mayfair area of London, and has diners that leave tabs well into the 100s, one can easily have a nice meal here for a reasonable price. The menu has a few dishes that are can balance out the more expensive options. However, ultimately the food is top-quality, fresh, and delicious so completely worth the splurge!


The decor in the Asian room is on point and we loved the glass front kitchen where you can see the chefs preparing food in front of an open fridge of huge fresh fish and vegetables. We wanted to play it safe and try things that we thought we would like so we opted for sushi starters, rather than mains,  and a few salad and veg dishes. We love trying new things and the fried aubergines were sooo good. Crystalised salted green peppers were ..interesting. .! For mains, we went for rice followed by a soup, and we all chose differently so we could taste as much variety as possible. We didn’t get pics of all our food but you can see some below.


If you like Asian cuisine then you will be at heaven here. For those who have a picky palette but want to eat here, just opt for the safer options like rice. We love the fact that no matter what you pick here you will taste the flavours that are essential to Asian cuisine. It’s probably worth mentioning that the Asian room does not include what also might be referred to as Asian cuisine, i.e cuisine from South Asia (India etc.). Novikov’s Asian room specialises in Chinese and Pan Asian food, so you won’t find any curry dishes here. This was such a wonderful dining experience, that we have been back a few times since and each time was just as good. The Asian Room at Novikov is perfect for a special occasion and definitely a firm favourite of ours. There is also an Italian Room which we want to try out, but the Asian Room is such a definite hit, we haven’t managed to walk past it yet; maybe next time!


PRICE: £££



IMG_2804_Fotor      IMG_2802_Fotor

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