Morelli’s Gelato (Harrods)

There isn’t much to be said about ice-cream, although the quality between brands is distinguishable. However, Morelli’s is on here  because it is a great ice cream parlour which although is an Italian gelato franchise, has a slight American diner feel, which we love! The parlour is very bright and has a clean, white, fresh look which reminds of the Grease movie! If you think all ice cream is the same, you may not be happy to fork out near £20 for a serving, but if you enjoy the novelty of it all, and know good quality when you taste it, then this is for you!

The servings are huge, and even the smaller offerings are surprisingly filling so it might be a good idea to share. We ordered the banana split and brownie sundae… so yum!

TDM Rating: 9

Price: £££



IMG_4266_Fotor                            IMG_4267_2_Fotor

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