Stepping into Momo’s was like being whisked away to downtown Marrakech. Hidden off Regents street in an exciting back-alley, behind a front of lush green trees lies the much celebrated Momos Restaurant. A hidden gem in the heart of the city indeed. Momos is literally a portal to Morocco and diners who visit will understand why.The decor is authentic with traditional Moroccan colours and fret wood panels lining the walls and doors. There is lots of gold and stone too which are reminiscent of Moroccan decor, making one forget that they are in London at all. For us, the decor and style of a restaurant is a good indication of the food that will follow and since the place appeared so authentic, we expected the food to follow suit…

It sure did.

MOMO3_Fotor  MOMOS_Fotor

All three of us ordered Moroccan breakfasts which seemed to be the best option to satisfy midday hunger. The menu description set us up for a surprise as the breakfast did not come in the set up of a typical English breakfast as expected, but in a tagine dish. This was a really pleasant twist since we had felt like we were being boring by ordering a ‘safe’ dish in the first place. The coco beans came sizzling in charmoula sauce with fat merguez sausages and diced potatoes buried in the dish. Simply delicious! We loved the fact that the breakfast was truly an innovative take on an English breakfast in deed as well as name. The tasty charmoula sauce is the main indicator that this dish is distinctly cooked with North African spices and seasoning. Turkey bacon neatly crowned the breakfast which scored bonus points for aesthetics. Pitta bread and our eggs were served on the side.

MOMO6_Fotor MOMO8_Fotor

We also ordered hot drinks; try the Almond and Cinnamon milk. This is a tricky flavour combo to get right but was done to perfection. I’m craving it already!

MILK_Fotor MOMO2_Fotor

Momo’s restaurant has also launched afternoon tea, Maghrebi style which we will be heading back for soon as reviews for this are great. Our bill also came with £1 added to be donated to eradicate children’s hunger (voluntary). A fantastic initiative which should be picked up by more restaurants… Momo’s really is ahead of the game.

The service was impeccable from the time we arrived to when we left, and we really felt at home which is rare for such a high-end restaurant. Momo’s is honestly, one of the best restaurants that we have been to in London and we award it our first TDM rating of 10. Nothing of our experience could be faulted, and we will most certainly be back. A firm favourite in our books.

Momo’s: 25 Heddon Street, London W1B 4BH

TDM Rating: 10

Price: ££

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