Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club has a lot of hype around it, and we find that food places with a reputation are either hit-or-miss. You either expect too much and feel disappointed, or have a great experience and end up adding to the hype. Although with 6 different locations around London they must be doing something right! You can choose between Soho, London Bridge, Battersea Rise, Spitalfields, Hoxton and Angel.

When we arrived to the Soho branch the queue was out the door, past the actual building and didn’t look like it was moving in a hurry. We had heard brirlliant things about the food so we had kept our bellies empty and ready to indulge in a good, full English brekkie. We didn’t expect that we’d have to wait an hour and a half to get in, and if we’d have known that before we came, we probably would have gone elsewhere.But once we joined the queue, we decided to stick it out. A few people in line before us ended up dropping out after half an hour which sped up our wait time, and if you choose to sit outside you can be seated a lot quicker. We didn’t fancy being watched by hungry queuers whilst we ate so we stuck out the full wait time, each minute increasing our hunger, and in turn our expectations.


Was it worth it?



Now we can’t really be sure if that’s because we were absolutely ravenous by the time we got in to eat, but we really enjoyed our food. All three of us went for a full English, picking the veggie option because the meat isn’t halal. It’s really rare that vegetarian sausages that come with an English breakfast will taste good, and these are one of the most important parts of a fry-up but these ones definitely passed the test.


On our second visit to The Breakfast Club, K ordered a halloumi wrap, whilst our friend, and I opted for the full English breakfast (veggie option). Compared to our first experience, the wrap didn’t match up to our expectations, but the full English breakfast delivered the second time around.

The Breakfast Club is also popular for its American 1980s theme and stepping into the place you do feel a complete immersion into the culture behind the food. This spot serves Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch and Dinner but the Breakfast and Brunch menu seems to be where its strength lies. Here one can indulge in bulging Breakfast Burritos, an assortment of stacked and dripping American pancakes (sweet or savoury), and egg options galore.





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