Imogen Le Roux – Stylist

Imogen Le Roux’s style is as intriguing in her name yet with all her boldness, she has a distinct sophistication reminiscent of a Parisian mademoiselle. We first heard of Imogen Le Roux through her styling job for Aywa London, read about it here. The accessories that Imogen sourced for the Aywa London abaya collection were feminine, chic, and oh such a statement! We loved the dynamic colours and designs which she certainly isn’t afraid to use.


Cara Delevingne is even a fan of these show-stopping shades!

This may have been our first introduction to Imogen Le roux; but she has long been on the fashion scene, successfully landing many high-profile runway jobs, with her work featured in the likes of Hello! magazine, She, Vogue Italia, Vogue India, OK! magazine Pakistan, Libas International, Femme Africaine, to name a few! This impressive resume is the product of hard-work and passion says Imogen, a childhood dream she has managed to turn into an everyday reality. We don’t doubt we will be seeing more of her soon, Le Roux, truly has that ‘Je ne sais quoi’. We love her!

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60 SECONDS WITH… Imogen Le Roux!

Your name is as unique as your style! Where does it come from?
I have always adored the name Imogen for many years! My real name is Iffat which also begins with the letter “I”. I have always wanted a different fashion name so it only made sense to use the name “Imogen”. It’s catchy and simple to remember. The second part “Le roux ” came to my mind one day at a shoot. The photographer who I was working with on the day asked me if I was French. That gave me the idea to create a French surname. I love red lipstick and hair so “Le roux ” came to mind. Person raising both hands in celebration

What was your biggest childhood dream?
Wow! Now that childhood dream has never changed. I have always wanted to be a fashion designer from the age of 6! Still holding on to that dream.

Give us an insight into your fashion/styling background?
I am from an artistic background. I studied A levels in Fine Art, Photography and Media studies. I went on to study at the University for the creative arts (Epsom) in Fashion Promotion and Imaging. 6 months down the line I decided to cut short my degree and work my way up in fashion as the course was not challenging enough for me. I began my freelance career with no experience from the age of 20 and I have not looked back ever since. I have been fortunate enough to have my work published in amazing magazines internationally and grateful enough to freelance for major catwalk shows!

‘Stylist’ seems such a glamorous occupation, tell us about your daily routine.
The final stage of styling is “glam” but everything before the actual styling is manic! My daily routine changes everyday. Some days I’m on the computer researching and emailing designers, others I could be out on collections, attending shows, or visiting PR showrooms! Each day is different but in the end it’s worth all the stress, there is a great sense of achievement.

Are you a Primark snob?
HA! I can’t stand Primark stores, they make me feel super isolated. It’s like a market but I have to admit I do love some of the clothes and accessories, they’re very fashionable although very common so they have to be styled carefully!

What is your go-to outfit when you have two minutes to get dressed?
I love my pencil skirts with tights and blouses with blazer! I match my outfits in my wardrobe a bit OCD! So I just jump in! Always the heel boots..


Your style in one-word?

Name your style and fashion influences?
Major fan of Moschino / Vivienne Westwood . I love the way MIA dresses and Marilyn Monroe. Both clash but very cool. I do have an eastern influence too, my mother has a very unique style so I admire her style and the vintage look!

What is your zodiac sign?
The Lion the LEO!!

We love how overt your styling was for Aywa London, what was the inspiration behind it?
AYWA is all about fun, expressive and playful! Waqaas wanted  “Love In Tangier” to be influenced by Morocco and the city’s beautiful interior. The colour palette consisted of blues/ yellows/ greens and beiges with amazing prints! I wanted each model to look like a queen from Morocco. On the runway we had playful sunglasses/ Clutches/ Jewellery bright colours to represent Aywa!!


How long have you been working with Waqaas Ahmed?
I have been working with Waqaas for 2 years.

Three people you would love to style?
Kim Kardashian – because she needs it
Alicia Keys – she also needs a bit of fashion police
Madonna – I totally adore her! Give her a spark of my style!

What is the first thing you notice about a person’s appearance?
I look at accessories – really weird but it’s about the detail they have on, and of course the shoes! Shoes say a lot!!

Make-up or accessories?
I do adore makeup but I’m a total accessories freak!

Shoes or bags?
Shoes !!

Where would you like to be by 2016?
I am currently in the process of launching my own label this year, so fingers crossed by 2016 I should be showing some lovely mysterious items online for you to buy!!

Is imitation flattery?
Always be unique never duplicate 🙂

What is your daily mantra?
Work hard and smile!

Any advice for budding stylists?
It’s all about who you know, rather than what you know. Connect more and learn! You need the eye to become a great stylist, sometimes it gets hectic but stick it out 😉

Final words?
I hope you all check Aywa London out and do follow me on social media @imogenleroux and thank you very much for the interview S and K! ️Xx

*All images taken from @imogenleroux instagram account and copyrighted to the account holder*

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