Fashionista and Socialite – Fatema Al Awadhi

Scrolling through Fatema Al Awadhi’s Instagram feed is akin to leafing through a wonderfully constructed micro magazine. Every snapshot is picture perfect and in most of them is the lady herself. Immaculately dressed from head to toe, Fatema embodies the modern Kuwaiti female that seems to be taking social media by storm. Kuwaiti fashionistas and socialites are amongst the most-watched in the Arab and Muslim world, as well as in the sphere of modest fashion. Top bloggers and fashionista such as Ascia AKF, Yalda Gol Sharifi, Fouz Fahad, Dana Tuwairish, and many many more are followed the world over by hundreds of thousands of fans, and in some cases millions.



Amidst them all is Fatema Al Awadhi, a regular on the elite Kuwaiti social circuit and an Insta-blogger with her own personal following of 68K. Combining elegance and modern chic, Fatema’s style is forever on trend, ideal for the multitude of haute fashion events and luxury dining spots that she frequents. Not one to be swept up with blindly following fashion however, her individuality shines through her outfit choices and we absolutely love it! Hers is a must-go to reference page for the latest in-vogue happenings of the region, and of course, haute fashion.

Here are our 60 seconds with … Fatema Al Awadhi!


Zodiac sign?


You always appear immaculately dressed, how long does it take you to get ready before an event? 
Usually I’m fast in getting ready and it wont take me longer than an hour to put on my make up and wear my selected clothes.


Describe your style in three words?




The most important accessories for every girl to stay stylish?

The first thing that comes to our mind is jewellry when talking about fashion accessories. Another important thing to consider is hand bags. Stylish hand bags are very popular among girls and adult women in Kuwait.

Fashion is quick-changing and things come in and out constantly, how do you decide which fashion trends are for you and which are not?
Fashion is a high priority and always been a part of my life. For me, though, It’s not important to wear only the latest fashions and styles. keeping up with the trends isn’t that important at times because not everything suits my style.


Diamonds or pearls?


Heels or flats?


Tell us your everyday makeup routine in five-steps?
 a- washing my face using a cleanser then apply a moisturiser.
 b- applying the foundation and the concealer.
 c- apply a blush.
 d- apply my eyes makeup (eyebrows – eyeshadow – eyeliner – eyelash)
 e- moisturize my lips with a lip liner followed by applying a lipstick.





Which is more important, the shoes or the bag?
Im sure everybody has a different opinion but to me the bag!


Which three items do you never take out of your handbag?
1- wallet 2- tissues 3- my little mirror


Your favourite colours this season?
Beige , gray & white


Which trend of 2015 needs to disappear?
Long vest



Best dressed fashionista of Instagram? 


You have ten minutes to get ready for a fashion show, and you will be sitting front-row, what do you wear? 

In my closet i always have new and ready outfits for unexpected invitations or upcoming events so whenever i get invited for an event i wear them. So based on that i guess 10 minutes will be enough for me.

The most stylish city you have been to outside of Kuwait?
I gotta say that I love Paris no matter where i go I always find this city the most fashionable.





Which item do you usually buy in black?


If you were a shoe, what type would you be? (Stiletto, Converse, pump, platform, etc.) 


The item in your wardrobe that you have worn most this month?
Lady dior handbag


What do you first notice about a person?
Men : shoes

Women : handbags



If you had to wear one designer for the rest of your life, who would you choose?


Online shopping or in-store shopping?
In store shopping


Karak or Coffee?


Give us three tips that will keep us looking fabulous through every season?
a- have a good attitude. Be confident. Its 50% of the look.
b- it may help to have style icons who inspires you.

c- watch alot of Fashion Police shows at E. You’ll learn alot!

You are on Champs-Elysees, what is the first shop that you go to?
Louis Vuitton



In London, your favourite place to eat is …


What do you love most about the Kuwaiti fashion scene?
Alot of fashion shows and events happen weekly.  This clearly defines how passionate the people are in Kuwait are about fashion and it inspires me and motivates me alot to share my fashion taste with them.


The most memorable fashion event that you have been too?
Manish Arora fashion show


Final comments?
Ultimately, I hope what I’m posting On my Instagram account is helpful for my followers in particular. Also I really appreciate this opportunity given to me by you guys “blog-mag magazine” to express and introduce my self to the people in a different way.


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