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Her Scandinavian roots may have influenced the minimalistic colour palette that Tanyesha’s wardrobe is well-known for, but it is her merging of a clean, fresh, style with ‘ethnic’ tones that make Tanyesha truly unique. Using the term Nordic-Ethnic to describe this combination of styles, Tanyesha’s signature fashion mark is also her choice of style when it comes to her other passion, interior design. With two contemporary blogs, one for each of her creative interests, Tanyesha has a good following on social media and knows a thing or two about staying on her A game.

tanyesh 5

Her recent event, the ‘London Fashion Bazaar’ was attended by a number of prominent Instagram fashion personalities and bloggers. Bringing together people who may have only met online, for the love of fashion, is a fantastic idea and hopefully the first of many events! The event was a chance for Instagram users, and bloggers to come along and buy items from their favourite bloggers. We know we wouldn’t be alone in saying that our ‘wish list’ is roughly a mile long, and what better way to tick a few items off than buying them off a fellow fashionista at a second-hand price! As a mother, wife, and regular fashion blogger, we just had to catch up with Tanyesha and see how she manages to do it all and still stay fabulous. – Tanyesha’s interior design blog – Tanyesha’s fashion blog

Here are our 60 seconds with… Tanyesha!

Introduce yourself in three words

Passionate, hard working, creative

You have two well established blogs which we ourselves enjoy reading, what made you go into blogging full-time?

I love interior design and fashion and blogging about both fields is really something I enjoy and is passionate about. Though it’s a full-time job it’s very convenient too, when I’m still a new mum, as I can choose when to blog. I’m hoping to put more work into blogging and taking on different projects in he future.

You blog about both fashion and interior design, and seem to opt for the clean, minimalist approach with both which are beautifully timeless. Do you have any formal training in either of these fields?

I have no training, other than art courses and a very passionate interest in both fashion and interior design. I know what I like and what I don’t and people seem to like my Nordic Ethnic style. I have a bachelor in Social Education, but my passion has always been the creative side. I am working on adding designer to my resume in the near future too.

tanyesha int3

We love the term ‘Nordic-Ethnic’ which you use to describe your interior design approach, can you elaborate on this more?

I love the very Nordic style interior design (and in fashion too), but always add ethnic touches and decor to a room. I love mixing Nordic style with Moroccan and Indian decor items. The Nordic- ethnic also goes for my fashion sense, which is minimal but with ethnic touches – wearing the turban with a minimal outfit already is ethnic to me:)

What do you prefer about the Danish fashion scene to the London one?

It’s VERY different. Danish fashion is very minimal and colourless, where London style is more colour, prints etc – very Topshop.

Charlotte Tillbury famously claims that she won’t let anyone see her without at least a smidgeon of eyeliner, even her husband, what do you think of this?

Well how do you go to bed or wake up in the morning then… I mostly don’t wear makeup at home and my husband actually likes me more au natural 🙂

Many fashion bloggers interact through their common love of fashion online, what made you decide to organise something to bring people together in real-life? 

I wanted to start the Fashion Bazaar in London, since I used to attend similar fashion flea markets in Denmark and they are super popular plus I just have way too much stuff in my own wardrobe that I wanted to sell myself. Bringing both bloggers, privates and businesses together is a new way of doing fashion events like these and thought it would be fun for bloggers to meet each other, their followers and sell out of their wardrobe at the same time. For small businesses attending London Fashion Bazaar is a great way of networking and getting to know both bloggers and fellow small business owners, and for private people it’s just a good excuse to do a closet clean and sell the pieces you don’t use anymore and make money to buy wardrobe stables.

tanyesha int

How did you feel organising an event on your own?

This is the first event I’ve ever organised other than my own wedding…Wow – it was actually harder doing it all by myself than I thought  it would be- especially since I was organising, selling my stuff and had a baby on my arm. I’ve learned a thing or two and there’ll for sure be some changes next time. Collaborating with other might also be on the cards.

What would you do differently?

The first London Fashion Bazaar turned out to be a Muslimah dominated event, which I really didn’t want. I wanted a mixed event for everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim. Having only Muslimah bloggers on board to begin with didn’t really help to make the event mixed, so I’ll definitely change that for next time. Some people asked me to move it somewhere else, like in a community centre, but I chose the Podium in front of the Orbit in Olympic Park, because it’s a new, great location and a place, where you can treat yourself to a nice walk in the park after shopping and also bring the whole family. So I’m planning to keep London Fashion Bazaar in Olympic Park.

There is overall room for improvement here and there that I’ll take into consideration for next time, but generally I’ve had great feedback and already have a long list of people waiting to participate in the next one.

What types of future events would you like to organise in the future?

I’m not striving to be an event planner in the future, but I would like to see the London Fashion Bazaar continue and be held every 2 months or so, with different editions once in a while. I’m planning for the next one to be very soon and it’s going to be the mini edition, where it’s all about kids clothing, accessories, toys etc. There are so many small children’s boutiques that could make use of some good networking and also many families with way too much kids clothing, toys etc. that they could sell and make into money to buy new. I love buying preloved for myself and also do it for Adam, when I find a good bargain.

tanyesha int2

How many hours a week do you spend on your social platforms?

Uh I have no idea – it’s not a 9-5 job. I don’t post as much at the moment as I’m on maternity leave and Adam is my first priority, but I do spend A LOT of time on blogging and Instagramming

How do you balance being fashionable, a mum, and a full-time blogger!

My fashion sense is very much casual and comfy, so that goes great together being a mum too. I really think it’s important to not “let go” just because you’re a mum.

Zodiac sign?


Many bloggers follow the Kardashians in sharing so much of their lives to achieve success,  how do you decide which parts to show and which parts to hold back?

I was actually reluctant about posting pictures of Adam as he’s too young to really choose if he want’s to take part in it or not, but he’s a part of me and always with me so he naturally became part of it. My husband on the other hand is a very private person and our family life is therefore private to Social Media.

Your biggest blogging inspiration?

Hmm I’m so inspired by a lot of things and a lot of people so can’t single out someone or something.

With so many bloggers using social media to blog about fashion, how do you make sure to stay unique?

I try to be just myself and only blog about what I like and stay true to that – no matter if it’s the latest trend or not. There’s nothing worse than people blogging about things they really don’t truly like or is their style, because they maybe get paid to do reviews etc. I turn down a lot of things, because it’s not going with my style and I can not endorse something I don’t love – I need to be honest to my followers and to myself.

tanyeshh 3

What’s on the top of your fashion wish list right now?

Oh my list is SOO long. Being into fashion there are always new pieces to add to my list. But I definitely have a beautiful abaya and some Chanel pieces on top of my list (prices on Chanel is to go up soon, so I have a long list of items, if anyone likes to spoil me 🙂

And your design wish list?

A Moroccan Beni Ourain rug has been on top of my list for a long time and still is.

Where would you like to see your blogs by January 2016?

I’d like to see them being even more successful and adding Youtuber to my personal blog (I promised my followers to do some turban tutorials as there’s been so many requests, just need a good camera or a videographer) – so if you are reading this please get in touch lol 🙂

tanyesha fash

Tell us about the biggest opportunity that your blogging career has brought you.

It’s opened a lot of doors to doing new projects.

Which fashion trend do you absolutely hate right now?

I’m absolutely not a fan of the 70s trend!

Social media has its downside, with so many trolls and negative energy. Do you have any regrets about becoming a public figure?

No not really – I just try to shake them off me and don’t let rude comments ruin my day. Being known on Social Media have actually been really positive and I’ve met some great people.

Would you let your significant other see you girl-prepping (shaving, waxing, etc.), or is that a no-no?

Oh no – that’s a big NO for me. Though you are married, I think you should still be private in some aspects.

You refer to your baby as being a ‘hybrid’ baby since he has two different cultural backgrounds (Somali and Danish); which aspects of the Danish culture are you most adamant about passing on to him.

Being humble and of course to keep up his Danish language both in writing and in speak when he grows up. We talk both Danish and Somali at home to him so that he learns both languages.

tanyes baby adam

Most important beauty product?

I love products and makeup and there are always new favourites. So I’ll say water, which I drink way too little of myself.

Are you a Primark snob?

I never shop Primark – I bought a couple of items when I came to London, but they just landed in the back of my closet and then to charity… I try to shop after the motto quality before quantity.

Favourite cuisine?

Somali and Italian

Last week you invited guests over for a small celebratory get together at your house. You completely forgot about it but guests are arriving in just under two hours? What do you cook for the starter: main: dessert:?

Probably a prawn salad or just bread to dip into a sauce or something for the starter. My famous lasagne with homemade garlic bread and salad for the main.  Waffles with ice cream and a platter with fruits for dessert.

Most overrated fashion item this season?

Flared trousers and jeans (if you’re not tall and skinny you’ll look even smaller and chubby)

Have you experienced any cultural/social set-backs as a female blogging?

No not in the UK. In Denmark muslim women are far from considered fashionable or stylish, but here they have a voice in fashion I feel. But I generally also feel that it’s in your own attitude – if you feel people look down on you in any way, you might start to do the same, but if you have an approach that shows you are comfortable and proud you’ll be so much stronger.

tanyesh 6

Most overrated fashion label in your opinion?

D&G – the prints and the designs are so not me

How do you wind down?

Just sitting out in summer with a couple of magazines, fruits and a cold drink or being with family,

Three most important things to keep in mind when planning a room makeover?

-Few big pieces are better than several smaller as big pieces make the room look bigger and less cluttered

-Add personal touches – pictures, items from travels etc. will make your home you – I really dislike impersonal homes

-Keep it mostly white and add colour in form of fabrics and decor – this way you can easily change the look of your room

Your spirit animal is…

A bear – I just took an online test for this question 🙂 It says characteristics is: Strength, confidence, leadership, healing, strong grounding forces – which is actually really on point with who I am.

Which celebrity needs to sack their stylist?

Uh don’t like to point out people like that – but I’ll tell you my favourite stylist, who styles the Kardashian girls etc. and her personal style is so me – Monica Rose. Love every styling I’ve seen her do.

If you had to shop at just one shop forever which would it be?

Interior – Moroccan markets or Day Home or IKEA (because they have all you really need)

Fashion – Zara or By Malene Birger

No make-up at all forever, or cake-face forever?

No make up I guess, cake face doesn’t sound that appealing…

What do you notice first about someone?

Their attitude

If you could have dinner with three bloggers who would they be?

Today I’d choose Ascia AKF and Sincerely Jules and Who What Wear

Final comments?

Thank you for doing the interview – I love your blog, Always follow your dreams and always move towards making them happen.


*All pictures are the express copyright of the account holder and must not be reposted without permission.*

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