Artist & MUA – Sara

Sara, better known as Queen of Luna, is the astoundingly brilliant make-up artist that has a crazy level of mastery with her tools. Using her face as her go-to palette, Sara has recreated our well-known and well-loved movie, disney, and other characters, as well as those baddies we love to hate. Not only does she perfectly re-produce a range of villains and heroes, everyone from Princess Jasmine, to the evil queen Maleficent, but her artistic licence to perfectly capture and embody sentiments, also allows her to transform these into visible make-up looks.

luna11   luna3

There is little wonder why ‘Queen of Luna’ has gained recognition and praise from established bloggers such as Dina Torkia, and Basma Kahie, not to mention Illamasqua, NyxCosmetics, and international make-up artist, Julian Kynaston, (founder of Illamasqua and Propaganda). It seems as though Sara simply waves a magic brush that allows her to finalise these looks, so perfect are they! As a hijab wearer , Sara has to be extra creative in order to fit her head-covering into her look, which she always manages to pull off seamlessly well! Having followed her since 2011, we’re still not over her awe-inspiring work, and simply had to catch up with her.

Here are our 60-seconds with … Sara, Queen of Luna!


The art you create using make-up is astounding, how long has it taken you to get to this stage?

Umm about 4-5 years

Tell us about your earliest experience with make-up?

My earliest experience with makeup, I did special effects on actors who played patients.

From princess Jasmine, to Cruella De Ville, your face seems to seamlessly take on the character you are embodying, what’s the secret to nailing it every single time!

I don’t know! I just keep referring back to the reference pics just like how I do when I draw portraits.

luna88 luna6

Your Instagram account has received some recognition from the likes of Illamasqua and Nyxcosmetics, what would be the ideal next step for you with your artistry.

I’m so grateful that Illamasqua always shares my work. The ideal next step, well, I just wish people would value my work, respect my choice and interest.

luna33 luna22

What makes you prefer creating artistic make-up looks rather than glamorous, or day looks?

I love anything fantasy, horror, anime, SciFi, and adventures, anything that takes me to faraway places, these are my major inspirations. I just feel makeup is my escape from reality.

If any, which make-up artist master-class would you like to attend.

Promise Tamang Phan

The hardest step in creating a look?

Blending and applying liquid eyeliner

You model all the looks on yourself, as a hijabi, have you faced any criticism from your local or the internet community.

I have faced criticism from the internet community. Unfortunately, it’s usually from fellow Muslims. I even got called Jinn by random people on Facebook, judging everything as if they know me personally. These people are so ‘perfect’ that they have to always find fault in others, to make themselves feel better!

How do you respond to negativity?

At first it made me mad, sad and disappointed. Our own people of the same faith are the ones trying to bring me down. I even asked them politely to take down my pic and stop spreading fitnah. But they never listened instead they were calling me names. In times, I realised these people don’t deserve a word from me. They won’t understand my journey. They don’t need to, it’s not for them.

What advice would you give your 16-year old self?

I would tell myself to pursue music. I love music so much and now I always regret not going to music lessons/school.

What’s the most rewarding thing about your work?

When my clients are happy and still want my service for their future events.

Your all-time favourite look that you have created?

Merida from Brave.


What does your daily schedule look like?

Just like any other stay at home mom’s schedule. Haha.

Zodiac sign?


luna666 luna222

Your idea of fun is…

My idea of fun is, going on an adventure.

Which three artists in the world would you invite to your house for dinner, and what would you cook for them.

Well I’d love to invite @Promisetamang, @Naye0na and @TialaCakeface. I’d treat them to Malaysian food like chicken curry, Nasi Kandar, and Rojak.

Describe your everyday makeup?

Just simple eyeliner and and a dark eye shadow, mascara and nude lips.

Being so good with the brush, how comfortable are you with a pencil and paper?

I must say I’m very comfortable drawing. I started drawing when I was 4 and some of my drawings were selected by State’s art gallery during my high school years.

What is the art-make-up scene like in Malaysia?

The makeup scene here is thriving. I met a local director a while back to work with him as a MUA but instead he asked me to be an actress so oh well, I didn’t get the chance.

luna8888 luna333

How do you wind down?

How I wind down? Hmm I love sitting on the veranda at night and staring at the moon and stars. Lol

Final comments?

I hope I can be a full time MUA someday. To provide a better future for me and my kids inshaallah (God willing).

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