Husnaa Malik – ‘Eat Sleep Be fancy’

“Eat, sleep, be fancy, a woman’s dream no?”. That’s how Husnaa Malik, fellow Aywa girl, introduces her blog, aptly titled ‘eatsleepbefancy’. We can’t say we disagree!  The social media age has revolutionised the way we can access worlds and spheres different to ours. Reality TV shows that give us a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous are more popular than ever. Something about watching people live the high life is strangely alluring. Whilst Husnaa does share her fabulous lifestyle with her followers, she does it with an air of sophistication and grace rather than ostentation.


‘Husnaa’ which means ‘most beautiful’ in Arabic has a sweet, charming aura and her online presence is inviting rather than haughty. Social platforms provide a way for people to connect, and it’s refreshing to see that she does interact with her followers, despite the trend of one not doing so after achieving ‘insta fame’. Her blog, like her name, is an ode to all things beautiful; featuring yummy gourmet food, the latest fashion trends, and her own journey as a Western girl living in the Middle East.


Through, Husnaa offers a unique insight into the worlds of the East and the West. These can often seem to be a gulf apart, (quite literally), but are surprisingly more aligned in her world than one may presume. Food and fashion are two of the best ways to unite people, especially us girls, and anything that strengthens the worldwide sisterhood is a huge yes in our books. There is a fancy girl either hidden or flaunted in every one of us, and Husnaa has the art of channeling her fancy girl down to a T.

60 SECONDS WITH… Husnaa Malik


fancy girl

You live between Doha and London, two of the world’s luxury capital’s do you feel a certain pressure to look and act ‘fancy’ even when you don’t want to?

Not at all, I think the fact that my parents have lived all over the world has taught me to present myself with a certain etiquette and a certain manner, I don’t feel there is any pressure to act fancy and I don’t think being fancy is a way someone can “act” I think you either have it or you don’t.
Charlotte Tilbury famously claims that she won’t let anyone see her without at least a smidgeon of eyeliner, even her husband, what do you think of this?
Totally disagree, honestly, 5 days of the 7 I have no make up on! I think you have to feel good in your own skin and be confident without makeup. Obviously I LOVE make up and all, but I also love being able to rub my eyes when I want to and not worry about the extra layer on my face.
How many hours a week do you spend on the blog?
Hmmm, I won’t lie and say I spend every day on the blog. I try and dedicate at least 2 days of the week to think of new material and prepare new posts.
Zodiac sign?
I am a Pisces and to be honest I have never really paid attention to zodiac signs but I do see some of the qualities in myself that Pisces are said to have.
Many bloggers follow the Kardashians in sharing so much of their lives to achieve success,  how do you decide which parts to show and which parts to hold back?
I believe in a work life balance, my blog is my job so I have a line between the two. I think it’s important to keep some things for yourself, for example my family and hubby. Yes, I occasionally share small details or pictures but mostly that side of things are for me.
Describe a ‘fancy girl’?
To me a fancy girl is someone who appreciates the luxuries in life, whether this be in regards to food or fashion as an example. I don’t believe being fancy means being rich, which is something people seem to mistake, honestly, you could look like a million bucks in Primark or H&M if you styled it correctly, or you could make a piece of fried chicken look fancy. It’s all in your perception and the confidence in the way you carry yourself.
Biggest bargain of 2015?
Defo my Tom Ford handbag which I got in the January sales, I got a good few hundred off it! GO ME!
Where do you want to see the blog in 2 years?
Hmmm, good question, I look up to bloggers such as Ascia (, I would love to see my blog in a similar position to her blog, potentially have the opportunity to be a worldwide name (inshahallah).
Tell us about the biggest opportunity that your blog has brought you.
I have only been blogging for a few months now and I would say the 2 biggest opportunities thus far have been my campaign for Salam Stores which is the biggest department store in Qatar and also having the opportunity to be an #aywagirl.
Social media has it’s downside, with so many trolls and negative energy. Do you have any regrets about becoming a public figure?
No, I think it all comes down to how you respond to the trolls of social media, I tend to delete and ignore. Whether you do good or bad a hater will hate! I try my best to only put out positive vibes and stay away from negativity.
Would you let your significant other see you girl-prepping (shaving, waxing, etc.), or is that a no-no?
OH MY GOD, he sits with me every time I shave and thats usually our time to discuss ideas or gossip, my hubby’s such a babe!
Comfort or style?
Comfort all the way, theres no point looking good and feeling bad.
You have just two-minutes to get ready for a red carpet event, take us through your get-ready routine.
Lashes, I feel when I have lashes on everything else just looks 100% better, so I would basically contour my face, put on my lashes and Russian Red Mac lippy. 
Most overrated restaurant in London?
YOU’RE KILLING ME! So, I feel like the Italian part of Novikov is overrated, only because I am big on my desserts and the chocolate fondant was a let down.
We noticed an interesting comment on your blog, someone asked about how your husband and your family deal with you being a public figure. What is your cultural background and have you experienced any set-backs as a female blogging?
My hubby & family are my BIGGEST support, if it wasn’t for them I would definitely not be a blogger, they encourage me daily and keep me on my feet. As a female blogger I haven’t experienced any set backs as of yet. I feel like in Qatar we only have female bloggers and feel for me its an advantage as a female from different cultural backgrounds who embraces the cultures and traditions.
How do you balance coming from the West and living in the Middle East?
I love the Middle East, I live an amazing lifestyle alhamdullelah and wouldn’t change that for the world! I feel like the Middle East has a fantastic balance and I actually prefer the Middle East to the West, people have a misconception of life for a woman here, but its totally wrong, I have the same freedom I had in England but just live a better life here.
If you could only live in one for the rest of your life, would it be London or Doha?
Definitely Doha, the lifestyle here is amazing and I also have my hubbys family here and now my blog, I enjoy visiting London but I HATE the cold weather.
Most overrated fashion label in your opinion?
Dolce & Gabbana.
How do you wind down?
Monthly spa visits for sure, I love the spa and love getting facials and massages.
Biggest misconception that people have about you from your blog?
People automatically have an idea of me being a stuck up, rude cow :(. I firmly believe in not judging a book by its cover, I think once people meet me this idea changes.
What would you say to guys who think girls dress up, ONLY for them?  
I would laugh at them :D, the only man I dress up for is my hubby, otherwise it’s for myself. When I look good, I feel good, when I feel good I’m more confident and I am sure all you ladies will agree, guys that think girls dress up for them need to get over themselves, ain’t nobody got time for that.
Amen to that! What do you notice first about someone?
The way they smell! OMG! I love good fragrances, secondly it would be there attire, I think you can tell a lot about someone by the way they dress.
If you could have dinner with one person and style another, who would you choose?
Dinner with Heston Blumenthal, I trained as a chef and food wise he is the best. I would style Ellen Degeneres, I hate that she’s always in manly clothes and would love to see her in a cute dress, she’s so cute!
Sunday’s are for?
Well, Sundays in Qatar are a workday, so Saturdays for me are all about downtime with family and the blog.
Top three blogs that we should follow? 
I have 1 top blogger and that is she is the reason I am a blogger and she is my blogger role model.
Final comments?
I wish you guys the best of success, what your doing is fantastic because you have a great platform. Thank you for taking the time out to interview me and thank you guys for reading!
Love, Husnaa x x x 
*All images are the express copyright of @eatsleepbefancy Instagram and the photo credit belongs to: @wwags*


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