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Brimah and John is a funky fresh fashion label which is making its stamp on the Modest Fashion world. With its bright prints, and modest cuts, Brimah and John is the self-dubbed alternative modest fashion option. Nim, creator of the brand says, “One of my greatest struggles was between fashion and faith. Fashion allowed me to express myself; my clothes were my voice, gave me confidence and were my choices, I decided what I wore. Faith gave me direction, purpose, and answered my questions.”

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Tell us about the concept behind Brimah John?

Brimah and John is an alternative modest fashion brand. I found that modest fashion brands didn’t entirely cater to my style, and were limiting in the ranges they offered, especially when it came to colour. I wanted to create a fashion line with pieces for everyone, from modest hipsters to princesses.

Where does the name come from?

Selecting your business name can be a gruelling process; you want a catchy name that sums up you and your brand. You definitely don’t want an essay title like “Unique and Fashionable Clothes I Design that ooze personality and scream me”… bit of a mouthful wouldn’t you say?

Brimah and John is the product of my Mothers maiden name, and the biblical equivalent of my Fathers name.  Sort of like an ode to my parents. Everything I am today is a product of my parents hard work and sacrifice. I owe a lot to them, It only seemed fitting to name my business after them.

We love the bright prints that feature in your designs, how do you chose which ones to select?

My fabrics are sourced in the UAE, choosing my prints is a long process which takes several days. I have this thing where I need the fabric to speak to me, I need it to tell me what to create with it. Lol if that makes any sense. My most vibrant prints are printed on normal silk, as how the fabric feels is also as important to me as the print.

flower skirt

Your zodiac sign is…

Not really a big believer/fan of Zodiacs, but I’m a Capricorn

Biggest pet peeve?

Strangers touching me or invading my personal space. Makes the tube during peak time unbearable. Lol I don’t mind being touched when I’m expecting it, but random people leaning on me or practically sitting on me really grinds my gears.

Tell us about your fashion journey and how Brimah and John was conceived?

I’ve always known I wanted to do something within Fashion. Whenever my mind wandered, I’d doodle designs on anything I could find. So the logical step first step for me seemed to be to create a fashion line and launch my brand.

Describe your own personal style and your favourite designers.

My favourite designers and my personal style differ greatly!

My personal style is very masculine, I live for boy jeans, oversized shirts anything loose and big.  My favourite designers create more “magical” pieces… Elie Saab, Krikor Jabotian, Zuhair Murad, and Zac Posen. 

High street or designer labels?

High street! Definitely. I’d like to think even If I had the bank account for designer labels, I’d still be a high street shopper.

Who or what inspires your designs?

A major inspiration for me was the 80/90s era. I love the vibrancy and colours, anything loud and colourful I’m there! That’s why I also love pop culture fashion trends.


If you weren’t in fashion, where would you be?

Hmm, I’d probably be a teacher.  I did want to be a banker, but the only thing/people I love equally, if not more than fashion are children.

What is your go-to, last minute outfit that you can throw on and still look good in?

Loose fit mom jeans, oversized tee,  duster jacket and air max 1s, with a loose no pin/wrap around hijab.

Comfort or style?

Comfort! I believe comfort can still be stylish. You just have to wear it with confidence

A night out or a night in?

Night in. 

Ideal future collaboration?

I would love to collab with Olivier Rousteing (of Balmain). I love the textures he works with.

skirt greybrocade+skirt+pink 

What’s next for Brimah and John?

My dream is to use Brimah and John as a means of making a difference in my community. Working on a few projects to help the needy in the coming months. But ultimately I’d love to build an orphanage and help educate orphans.

Describe the type of girl that wears Brimah and John.

Every girl. We’re for the confident, fabulous and stylish girls, and I definitely believe that’s every girl.


What makes you smile?

Chocolate. Cake. Kitkat , Milkshake lol… I’m a massive foodie.

Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks for the opportunity, much appreciated x

*All pictures are the express copyright of Brimah and John*

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