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Epic Libyan wedding … عرس ليبي !

Tonight was our first experience of a Libyan wedding. We love North African cultures because they are so diverse. Due to colonisation, North Africans have elements of African, European, and Arab culture in their cool! Anyway, as we expected, tonight was a lively wedding full of energy and fast-paced maghrebi music. The bride looked stunning and we wish her much love and happiness ❤     Advertisements


Class of 2013

I (S) graduated! WOOH. Finally, after countless essays, assignments, lectures and trips to the library. The hard work does pay off, and I’m pretty happy with my 2:1. I loved studying English Literature and it just goes to show, when you love something, you’ll automatically work harder at it. My graduation ceremony was last week. Monday 8th July, the day before Ramadhan was due to start … double celebration! We hosted a celebratory iftar on the weekend to mark the occasion. I loved loved loved our cake<3. Perfect for post-iftar tea and winding down.