Stepping out of the Ordinary

Harrods, the prestigious Knightsbridge landmark, home to the exquisite, the luxurious, the splendid, is naturally just as grandiose on the outside as the items it houses within its legendary walls. When night falls, the building scintillates in all its glory. The brilliant lights of the London icon add a magical dimension, an apt adornment for this high-end department store. Those who respond to its beckoning magnetism will be greeted by the enchanting shop-front, currently decked out in a fantastical ode to Disney’s remake of the classic fairy-tale, Cinderella.

Window displays at Harrods are always spectacular, and this latest dressing is no different. With poignant scenes from the movie exhibited right down to the last detail, this is a trip worth making for fans both young and old. Visitors will be able to see the costumes that actors such as Lilly James (Cinderella), Richard Madden (Prince “Kit” Charming), and Cate Blanchett (The Wicked Stepmother), wore for the filming of the age-old tale.

In the famous story, Cinderella accidentally leaves behind one of her glass slippers at the ball, only for it to be found by prince charming, and later used to identify her as his mystery love. This has given way to the adage of fashion fiends that “the perfect pair of shoes can change one’s destiny”, now that’s a mantra to believe in! The Swarovski slippers used in the movie are indeed magical to look at and are part of the Cinderella-inspired window display.

Harrods is famed for being several fashion steps ahead when it comes to the latest and greatest, and its Step Out Of The Ordinary project is yet another example of this.


In lieu with its shoe partner, Kurt Geiger, Harrods has convened an elite force of shoe designers to each create their supreme fantasy shoe. In a Cinderella-esque manner, Charlotte Olympia, Gucci, Gianvito Rossi, Stuart Weitzman and other haute designers have waved creative wands over their shoe classics to create a show stopping shoe fit for a princess. “Step Out Of The Ordinary champions exquisite craftsmanship with a focus on precious fabrics. This extraordinary collection is one-of-a-kind and includes a multitude of Harrods clients’ favourite styles,” explains Helen David, Harrods’ Fashion Director for Womenswear.

These timeless pieces are housed in the ethereal abode that is Harrods Shoe Heaven, located on the fifth floor. The shoes on offer here are certainly the stuff of dreams, with the crowning jewel of the collection perhaps being the £62,500, made to order, Dolce&Gabbana shoe. Fashion enthusiasts on a budget may want to brace themselves for the steep price tags of these luxury shoes.


Nevertheless, a true shoe lover will be able to appreciate viewing the design concept behind these opulent pieces. One could even say the current project is an exhibition of art, a grand venture in pursuit of perfection. Those lucky enough to purchase a pair of these lavish creations will no doubt be taking home more than just an expensive pair of shoes. Each of the designs are limited edition and only available from a handful of select locations around the world. One is sure to feel like a million dollars in any of these beauties. Look good, feel good as they say! And in the wise words of Cinderella’s mother, “where there is goodness, there is magic.”

See Cinderella in cinemas now.


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