Vitamin E

Since Mama is the Queen of alternative and natural remedies, her solution to rejuvenating our skin was to include pure Vitamin E in our skin care routine. You can buy Vitamin E in its natural form from Holland and Barrett which my sister (K) uses. However, I actually prefer to use Vitamin E capsules. They come in a plastic feeling gelatine type capsule which would dissolve on consumption, but I just prick a hole and squeeze some out onto my hand. We find Vitamin E really sticky so mixing it with your daily moisturiser helps. The Kiehl’s face moisturiser is the perfect consistency for mixing this with and I find the thickness of the Vitamin E can act as a thin barrier to any makeup being applied.

EOIL_Fotor   EOILLL_Fotor

The vitamin E capsules are around £12 from Taits as I get the maximum strength. Holland and Barrett sell capsules as well as bottled Vitamin E. The Vitamin E specific for the skin absorbs much better but it eventually comes down to preference.

Have any of you used Vitamin E or other natural remedies for skin care? Let us know!


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