Cane & Austin Retexturizing Pads

We first heard about the Cane & Austin Retexturizing Pads via one of our favourite beauty bloggers Tia Ward. She is such a beauty and easy to watch because of her down-to-earth energy. We’re so big on genuine vibes that we can’t really connect with a person’s message or brand if they don’t  emanate genuinity (I think I made that word up)! Tia is such a sweet heart and her videos are never boring, check her out. On her channel she talks about how she has suffered with bad skin for many years. Although our skin is pretty good (praise God), we have used damaging products over the years and in general neglected it. A lack of spots doesn’t necessarily mean healthy skin.


The retexturizing pads come soaked in glycolique acid and when rubbed over the face, set to work breaking down the top (and usually dead) layer of skin. Skin has several layers so this won’t leave a hole in your face, and the concentration of acid has been carefully formulated. One thing I would recommend is putting on moisturiser very soon after using these pads. When I first started using these I didn’t use anything afterwards, and two weeks later my face reacted. I stopped using these for a week and then re-started after my face had calmed down. I made sure to use moisturiser 30 seconds afterwards and two weeks later my skin looks great again.

These retexturizing pads are definitely a step we would recommend in the quest for flawless glowing skin. Now at £45 they are expensive, but most certainly worth it. A great investment. These pads are exclusive to Space NK which has stores all over the UK, and an online store.

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