Kiehl’s moisturiser

The Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream  is recommended by plenty of reputable beauty experts such as Sali Hughes. Check out our review of Sali and other bloggers on the S&K Love section of the blog.  After not really taking care of our skin moisture levels, the Kiehl’s moisturiser is a breath of fresh air. Although your skin can look nourished, it often isn’t with some products simply sitting on the skin and giving it that glistening effect but NOT penetrating the skin layers to nourish the skin. Kiehl’s is so perfect in that it soaks into the skin and gives you that fresh look, without feeling heavy or looking too shiny. So perfect. Honestly, God bless all the reviewers who trawl through hundreds of products to bring us the best of the best.


Now, the price tag on this tiny little pot (50 ml/1.7 fl.oz) is hefty…£24. But boy is it worth it. It does wonders for the skin, and remember ladies, skin care is the key for that glowing, flawless finish.  Have any of you tried Kiehl’s? What are your thoughts on the product?

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