Clarins three-step makeup removal

Beauty and skin experts world-wide will probably gasp at this, but honestly, we used to take our make-up off with vaseline, and even soap (eek). We now know that is a terrible skin sin and have discovered the Clarins make-up removers. Honestly they are amazing! They come specifically formulated for different skin types too (oily, normal and dry).

For me (S), wearing eye make-up daily means having to take it off daily and the Clarins eye remover is the most effective, and gentle eye make-up remover ever. It’s fantastic and so simple. One just has to pop some on a cotton pad and hold it on the eye..the mascara and eyeliner just dissolve away, and it’s gentle on the eyelashes because there is no rubbing involved.


With the face make-up removers, the cream one is to be used first with can be rubbed into the skin. This creates a sort of lather effect and softens up the skin, and then the other bottle which consists of a clear liquid is to be used next. This second one seems to be what actually makes sure the make-up is removed whilst the first cream-y solution acts as a moisturiser/protector.

The whole combination is perfect for make-up wearers and to be able to maintain flawless skin, it is imperative to accurately remove all make-up before sleeping. One would be surprised at how much build up the face can hold, even without wearing make-up, the skin holds grime from air pollution.

Have you tried these products? What are your thoughts? Let us know!


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