Welcome to our blog!

The name ‘Dolly Mix’ originates from us being two , mixed-heritage sisters (S and K) blogging about a mish-mash of things relevant to our daily life. Our father is Fulani Nigerian, and our mother is of mixed heritage coming from; St.Vincent (a small island near South America), Portugal, and England. We speak some Arabic and French out of interest and lifestyle requirements. We love and appreciate all cultures, and being so mixed we get to experience plenty of different ways of living. Thanks to having a huge mixed heritage family, and having friends all over the world, our cultural experiences are never boring!

A ‘Dolly Mix’ is a traditional British sweet mixture which has an assortment of random sweets all of which are delightful. We chose this name because it perfectly captures who we are!

Here on the blog you will find interviews with our favourite bloggers, food reviews, aesthetics, and our everyday life.

We hope you enjoy,

S and K


email: thedolly.mix@hotmail.com

*All pictures and written material is ours unless stated otherwise, so please respect our copyright and do not take our photos or words without permission. However, we welcome your use of the share button*

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