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Nuna Atelier hits the streets of London

Street-chic, practical and oh so slick. That is how we would describe the latest travel wear capsule from Nuna Atelier. In true Emirati essence, the brand has made its journey overseas to the streets of London, making itself quite at home amongst the get-up and go street style that the British capital is famed for. We headed to Chiltern Firehouse, a hotspot of London chic and quintessential English elegance for a catch-up with Nura, creative director of the brand. Speaking on why she chose London, Nura attributes London’s strong fashion individuality for why the collection would fit in here.  “It’s the perfect place to showcase expression through fashion. London street style is very daring, sometimes casual, or even heavily statement-ed but never the same. The structure  and overall silhouette of the pieces make them ideal for dressing up or down. That feature is something that works  particularly well in London where you have a fast pace. One could be going from laid-back to dressed up in minutes and our pieces afford the wearer that change”. In keeping with true London style, it was over this soiree that Nura met her muse for the London shoot. Dressed impeccably in a black and white ensemble, Nosheen Mahmood (found at @noshyyyym) instantly became the perfect example of how Nuna Atelier can be rocked for everyday looks.  Shop the collection now: https://www.nunaatelier.com/

Photography by: @wwags




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