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Get in the know with… Sally Ashour

Simplicity is the key note to all elegance”. This is the classical line attributed to Coco Chanel that frames Sally’s fashion blog. The opening is perfectly reflective of her style which in essence is refined simplicity. For now, Sally is favouring fresh whites, denims, turtle necks and pencil skirts; these all being splendidly featured on her blog, as well as her Instagram where she has a following of 17k. It’s not like she requires the validation though, as Sally insists on being herself in a world that urges towards conformity. In an age where our obsession with labels and expensive things is at an all-time high, Sally’s preference for the high street is a restoration of faith in true style. Not that designer labels are void of that, no. They are indeed created in appreciation for the aesthetic, but coveting them simply for the tag is depreciative of true fashion. Carefully selecting items oneself, rather than regurgitating run-way looks is truly innovative. Sure, inspiration is always welcome, but it is the spirit of individuality and creative expression that Sally has in her dressing which has allowed her to find a comfortable niche in the world of online fashionistas.



Balancing modesty with style is a feat in itself, one that was previously believed to be impossible. It is girls like Sally who have helped squash this myth however, and it is not only covered girls who look to Sally for outfit ideas. With her artistic shots, and mood capturing poses, Sally shows us how it is done, and she does it brilliantly well.

Read our interview with Sally below:

Zodiac sign?

We love that you style it out from high street stores and still look great, what do you look for when you go shopping?

Well thank you! I’m not to much into brands I think I’d rather buy many shirts/jeans for $1000 rather then buying one pair of shoes for the same price. I mainly look for denim styles. Shirts, jeans, jackets etc. I love pencil shirts I usually go after those as well.

Which designer brand are you most drawn to?
Alexander wang foreverrr

Which is more important to you, the cut or texture of a piece of clothing?
The texture! Because if it’s something that’s not comfortable to wear in than I won’t like it. Neither would my extremely sensitive skin. So I usually go for the soft/cotton textures.


The biggest struggle in staying fashionable and covered?
Oh gosh! Where should I begin. The struggles are real! I think any hijabi can relate. There’s the rip denim problem. I love ripped jeans. But I can’t wear them unless I wear tights. if their light blue jeans I wear white leggings to cover the holes. Black jeans I will wear black leggings underneath and then my pants won’t even fit and it gets so hot. Another problem would be the hijab. Usually I have this amazing outfit on then non of my scarves match with it, and then I have to change the whole outfit. It gets super tough sometimes! But it’s worth it hamdullillahHeavy black heart️

You have a strong following online, what is the best thing about being able to share with fellow fashionables?
I think the way thing is really connecting with the girls who have the same sort of style as me. They like everything you wear and you’re in love with everything they wear. You inspire one another through fashion. I love it.

The most annoying thing about social media?
There’s many annoying things about social media. But the main one would be girls judging other girls. I feel like some girls aren’t happy for one another. They look at a girl who’s trying to cover and be modest and you have these other girls hating on her and always pointing out each other’s flaws. I just don’t like that.


Which three fashion Instagram accounts do you gain tips and tricks from?
1. @weworewhat ( she’s amazing)
2.) @oakandfort ( OBSESSED WITH THEIR STYLE)
3.) @big.chantelle ( I love her photography)

Favourite stores?
Urban outfitters (my favorite)
I shop at others but when I first enter to the mall I run straight to these stores first! 🙂

You can always find a fashion bargain in …?
ONLINE! I’m telling you guys shop online. Their sales are nothing compared to the sales In the actual stores. I always find the best prices through my favorite stores apps!

Your go-to dress-up outfit combo?
Ahhh! It would have to be heeled boots pencil skirt with a white button up and a short cut sweater on top that way it can show the white button up underneath.

Three summer fashion must-haves?
1.) white flare pants
2.) white one strapped heels
2.) Marc Jacob side purse!

Your secret to a perfect winged eyeliner?
PRACTICE! Years of practice haha. I still take minutes on just one eye sometimes but it’s not as easy as it looks. I always start out with one line at the outer later of my eye I draw it to how I want the liner to look like. If I want it low or high. Then I work my way in. Make sure the line you draw first is very very thin and straight. And you work your way in by starting a bit after the tip of the line that way you can make it sharp! Make sure to go from thick to thin.

We loved your double denim look on the blog recently. Where would you wear this outfit combo?
Well I wore that outfit to class. I usually don’t like over dressing to my college classes and I don’t like under dressing like most people. So I think something like that would go well if you’re just going to the mall, movies, school.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Favourite colours this season?
White on white for sure! Does that count? Haha

Which fashion scene in the world do you admire?
Sydney (Australia) street fashion

Which three Instagram personalities would you invite for dinner, and what would you cook?
@kendalljenner, @gigihadid, @taylor_hill
I would cook pizza because it’s my favorite

Pick one of them to style.

Soundtrack to your life right now?
Literally ‘Soundtrack to my life’ by Kid Cudi haha


Guilty food pleasure?
I think I’m obsessed with white chocolate and pizza.

Your super power would be?
I can fly

Final comments?
Always be yourself. Find what kind of style you like whether it’s weird to people or too different, the most important thing is that YOU love it. And don’t go after trends. Heavy black heart️

Instagram: @sallyomo]


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