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The Boris Bike Brigade

One of our absolute favourite things to do in London is cycle around the city. Morning, noon and evening, anytime, anywhere. Grabbing a Boris Bike, (The Barclay Bikes which are now Santander, but still nicknamed Boris Bikes in hommage to the mayor who introduced them) and just whizzing around the city can be the perfect start, or end to a day out. Last Tuesday we decided to do just that.  After a day of exploring Brick Lane we headed back into the city to meet some of our friends for dinner. We decided to ride off our beef burgers and picked up some bikes in Hyde Park. Following the park lane around we ended up by the Serpentine Restaurant where we were going to dock the bikes and walk through to Knightsbridge but none of us wanted to get off. Someone shouted ‘London Bridge’ and one thing lead to another (in the form of outlining a route on Google Maps), and we were on the way. We must have made a funny sight, all ten of us girls and one guy speeding through the streets and roads- the Boris Bike Brigade.

boris brigade


Night riding in London is such a great experience, especially on a lovely Summer’s night. With the wind on your face and the city around you it is a great activity. But riding in the city’s traffic, oh that’s another thing altogether. That was terrifying! London traffic stops for nothing and noone so best believe we were saying our prayers and staying strictly to the left. It was such good fun though and seeing the London Eye, Big Ben and London Bridge at night made it well worth it. Our total cycling time must have been over an hour but with everybody’s laughs and company, time flew by. Cycling is one of the best ways to see the city and at night, it’s full of bright lights and strange delights.

Download the City Mapper app or Google Maps to find cycle routes.



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