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The Plate Review: Harrods Pizzeria

When it comes to Harrods, one expects the best of the best and the Harrods Pizzeria does not fall short. The eatery offers real Italian style pizzas cooked in wood-fired ovens with a range of toppings in-keeping with the Italian theme. The menu also includes other Italian classics such as pasta and risotto but in here it’s all about the pizza. Salads and desserts also have a distinctively Italian mark with lots of cheese and of course tiramisu available.


On our visit here, the maitre D’ graciously seated us even though we arrived at closing, and got the chefs to whip us up something to satisfy our pizza craving. The service was impeccable and we loved the fact that the pizzas weren’t doughy or heavy but big enough to satiate us. A great pit-stop from the busy department store.

TDM Rating: 8.5

Price: ££


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