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Morning delight … ! صباح الخير

Don’t you just love waking up to packages! Honestly, online shopping is just like sending yourself a present LOL. So anyway, I posted recently about how I came across the Tom Ford Black Dahlia lipstick in Harrods. It was so perfect on me but since it’s limited edition, it’s not available in store again until June. Yes June </3.

HNI_Fotor  HNJ_Fotor

Anyway, mama knows best so she suggested looking in other department stores online. I managed to locate it in Harvey Nichols! So happy since I need it for an event tomorrow hosted by Haute Arabia in London’s Shangri-La restaurant at the Shard. The beauty concierge service at HN is wonderful. The lady I spoke to was so helpful and she gave me complimentary express delivery so it could arrive in time. Seriously, good customer service goes a long way. The package arrived this morning and I adore how cute it looks.

HN_Fotor HNP_Fotor

Tom Ford is known for his chic and sleek lipstick packaging, and when you pay almost £40 for a stick, it should look pretty as well as work wonders for your look.Thankfully, this does both and we will be reviewing it properly in the Aesthetics section soon.




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