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Saturday in London … يوم السبت في لندن

So finally we finished copying over our blogposts from our old blog onto here. If you notice on previous posts, many of them have the same date. We explained on our first post why that is so you can read about that here, but now we’re up to date. In a nutshell, we had an old blog, didn’t go on it for about a year, and forgot the password. We thought it would be a shame to lose out on all those memories so we copied and pasted them onto here. Isn’t it strange when you look back on old writing or photos..everything seems to have changed in a year! Anyway, all posts from now on will correspond to real time. That means when I refer to yesterday in this post, it will mean 21/2/2015.

IMG_3118_FotorSo yesterday we got to London bright and early for the purpose of makeup shopping. From Euston we headed straight for Selfridges. We assumed it would be open by the time we got there (0920) but we had to wait around 10 minutes for the doors to be unlocked.  We purposefully wanted to be in store early because trying on makeup is time consuming. Not only that, the make-up counters in Selfridges are super busy on the weekends and the staff won’t be able to give you that much attention. Our planning ahead worked and we were able to get some great advice from the make-up advisor at the Laura Mercier counter. Our advisor, Precious was amazing! She gives genuine advice and has an amazing personality. She spent so long helping us with our colour match and gave us great tips and tricks. We have an event next week in the famous Shard, hosted by Haute Arabia. We want a flawless evening look for this event and having the right foundation is the first step. Check out our review on the Aesthetics section of the website.


As the time approached 12 we knew it was time to eat so we headed to Gran Caffe Londra in Knightsbridge for some ‘breakfast’. I don’t know about you guys but when it’s the first meal of the day, it’s called breakfast…regardless of the time! You can read our review and recommendations here.


Afterwards, we made our way down the road for some Chapati and Karak. We love this place which is the London Branch of the Qatar original. A visit to this cafe is always a pleasant affair and we love the fact that simply stepping in here is like being whisked away to Doha ❤


The karak really gave us the energy boost that we needed and so we decided to carry on to the Victoria and Albert Museum as planned. Our mum who was with us on this trip had heard on the radio about an interesting exhibition called ‘Staying Power’ that was on. The exhibition was a collection of photographs by various artists capturing the lives of ordinary black people in the UK between 1950 and 1990. We love visiting art galleries and museums in London because the city has some world class ones, that we love taking advantage of having access to. People fly in from all over the world to experience the cultural offering that London has so it would be a shame to ignore it whilst it’s practically on our doorstep.


For us, the exhibition successfully portrayed how black people have a longstanding history in the UK. Rather than focus on the negative aspect of life for black people during that era, this project had a more up-beat and positive message. We saw black people with outfits and hairstyles typical of the 70s and 80s which just goes to show that they were very much a part of the culture and were enjoying the fashion and vibes of the various decades. After we finished here we wandered around the sculpture section which was fascinating! I loved looking at these, and we decided that we really need to head to Italy which has an unrivalled art heritage. The V&A has art from all corners of the world as well as hosting exhibitions so it really is a must-visit.

VA1_Fotor  VA2_Fotor

From the museum we headed back to Harrods for some more (light) shopping. We’ve heard amazing things about Tom Ford lipsticks so I decided to ask for some advice. The Black Dahlia lipstick is SUPERB but it was sold out…so gutted! 😦

Since we were only in London for the day we opted to just chill for the rest of the time before we had to make our way back home. Laduree is the perfect little spot, so we just ordered some tea and cakes to wind down. You can see our recommendations and review of Laduree here.


Alas, our day trip had ended but we love these short breaks in London. Our make-up shopping was successful and we managed to enjoy other activities too. Untill next time!

TDM xo


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